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Karizma Digital is full-service digital marketing agency based in New York City. We offer high quality services in search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and web design. We are dedicated to helping businesses like yours in increasing their online visibility and driving market growth.

Our Services


Using a range of tactics, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building, we help businesses in improving their search engine rankings. This improves your digital presence and draws in more organic traffic.


We provide pay-per-click marketing services such as Facebook and Google Ads. We design, manage, and optimize campaigns that enhance brand recognition, boost website traffic, and create leads.

Web Design

We provide businesses professional web design services to establish a strong online presence Aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly websites optimized for conversions and search engine visibility are created by our skilled web design and development team.

Why choose Karizma Digital ?

Karizma Digital understands that the  landscape of the digital world  is constantly changing and that it can be quite challenging for businesses of all sizes  to stay up-to- date on the most recent trends and strategies. Contact us and schedule a consultation to find out more about how we can help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Our experienced team is data-driven and results-oriented, and we take pride in delivering customized digital marketing solutions that meet your company’s specific requirements. We can help you with improving your website’s search engine rankings, increasing leads, or designing your website.

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Never Scroll Past The First Page Of Google
Stop Interacting If Website Design Is Unattractive
Businesses Make $2 For Every $1 Spent On Google Ads

Statistics that show the power of Digital Marketing

According to a study by Search Engine Journal, 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. This highlights how important it is to have high search engine rankings in order to increase visibility and draw in potential clients.

According to a poll by Adobe, 38% of users will stop interacting with a website if the design is unattractive, This highlights the significance of professional web design for creating a great user experience.

Businesses generate $2 in revenue on average for every $1 they spend on Google Ads, according to a Wordstream report. This shows the effectiveness of PPC advertising in making sales.




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